Saturday, 30 June 2018

West Somerset Railway AGM 23 June 2018

And that was the PLC AGM!

The AGM was held last Saturday at the Hobby Horse. This is a formal meeting that has to be held annually and is the opportunity for the shareholders to listen to the directors reports and have the chance to question them on what they have been doing during the year.
Whilst only a two-hour meeting, it takes a lot of organisation to get it right. The formal buisness is straightforward, approval of the accounts, election of directors, appointment of auditors.

We then had an informal question and answer session and these will be posted as soon as we can. Some very perceptive questions were asked and some very good points raised.

The minutes of the AGM are now being finalised and also will be put on the website when ready.

It is up to the chairman to make an address, and I attach to this blog what I said. I won't elaborate on that here, but will be posting more on here as things become clearer.

 Chairmans Address 23 June 2018


  1. When you have a man at the top who care's for the railway like Ian Coleby he should be repected by fellow directors, there are to many people who say thing's behind peoples backs' they should say it to there face's if they were manly enough. P.Evans

  2. Thank you. Much appreciated