Friday, 11 May 2018

Best Kept Station Competition

We used to hold this competition several years ago but for reasons I don't understand we haven't run it for a while. Time to change that!

A brief conversation with Geoff Cross revealed his enthusiasm and we were off. In the past the competition has been done by a 'mystery shopper' but this time there is a set day, July 15th, when the judges will visit. I have secured the services of Richard Fox of Taunton Flower Show and Peter Tinckner of Wellington Camera Club to act as judges. Both Richard and Peter are railway enthusiasts and regular visitors to the railway.

I am pleased that the station staff have keenly taken to the idea and already the stations are looking fantastic. 

Of course, this is not a new idea. The GWR used to run a station gardens competition which sometimes was judged by George Luttrels wife. George not only lived in dunster castle but was also a director of the GWR. Blue anchor museum has a copy of the winners certificate from the 1930s when stogumber won it. We have designed a new certificate based on this which will be awarded in July. Below you can see both the GWR original and the modern version.

I sincerely hope this will please the heritage committee!

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