Saturday, 17 March 2018

A Day Out with Tim West and Prunella Scales

Today the railway had the honour of entertaining Tim West and Prunella Scales in the Hawksworth Saloon. Both are well known in the acting trade. If you are in a slightly older age group then just think Sybil Fawlty, but if youth is on your side, then Eastenders or now Great Canal Journeys may be the prompt you need.
A bitterly cold day, we were pleased that the saloon had been preheated and equally grateful to Jenni for the hot tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes. James Mills as the most polite guard made sure everything ran efficiently.
The trains were delayed due to technical faults - I am not sure exactly what but at one stage the fitters at Minehead were working hard under Foxcote Manor fixing a broken pipe.
An excellent journey to Minehead was made even better by a visit to Williton signalbox. Arrival at Minehead saw a guided tour of the engine shed followed by a Turntable Buffet lunch.
Jenni's tea and cakes brought us back to Lydeard which was rounded off by a visit to the Gauge Museum.
Both Pru and Tim were gushing in their praise for our railway and clearly enjoyed the day. The railway looked fantastic - as usual  - and all the staff helpful and friendly. Just as we all know anyway but its always good to see it in practice. Many thanks to everybody on the railway who made this such a great day.
We are now looking forward with excitement to the Spring Steam Gala.Today the S106 steamed to Minehead and the military goods train is assembled ready to go....
Here are some pictures of the day.

The saloon at Williton waiting for the up train

A visit to Williton Signalbox

Inside the saloon at Williton

Pru inspects the newly rewheeled Edward I at Minehead

Jenni's excellent tea and cakes....

Chairman and Chairman's wife entertaining in the Gauge Museum

At BL....

Waiting to leave MD

Tim travelled on the footplate to Washford - just getting ready to board!


  1. >>>James Mills as the most polite guard.....
    Surely you're not suggesting that the WSR has some less polite guards??? Heaven forbid :-)

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