Saturday, 10 March 2018

Old Minehead - the Regal Cinema

This is a fascinating film, it shows the opening of the Regal Cinema in Minehead. in 1934.
The film is wonderful for the view of The Avenue and the cars and the period dress of the people in the film - most of which I guess were visitors who had arrived by train.
There is much to love in the commentary. "No expense has been spared to ensure the finest films are shown in the theatre". "This cinema is equal in every way to the best theatres in the west end of London". "the walls are lined with polished hardwood and the construction is fireproof throughout"...surely this is a contradiction! We may think Minehead is busy with traffic now, but it looks like it was the same in 1935.
Happily the Regal is still with us, even if it now only occupies a portion of the original building. Enjoy!

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