Saturday, 3 February 2018

A lucky find

Yesterday I stumbled (literally!) across this old map in a friend's garage. Maybe because he felt sorry for me, he said I could have it.
It's a Bristol Omnibus map of the northern part of Somerset. Don't know the day, I guess 1960s or so.
Here's the front cover:

The map is advertising "Day Out tickets" so you could visit places (I guess) as far afield as Cheddar or Weston. As it says, some hardy souls have covered 300 miles in a day - and on an old Bristol Omnibus, that's something! I am amused that both dogs and children are the same price at 6s3d.
At least you could get refreshments, with the snack snack bars and the "temporary snack caravan" at Bristol. And its all under cover on a wet day - when no doubt the bus windows would have steamed up and you couldn't see anything anyway.
Heres the Bristol; Omnibus heading:
And finally a glimpse of the inside map showing a bit of Weston
I shall be passing this to the local Somerset archivist for safe keeping.

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