Sunday, 4 February 2018

Castle Cary station improvements

My post of a couple of days ago generated some modest email traffic about the changes made to the station in 1984. This was when the Westbury resignalling scheme's tentacles reached this part of the world. The signalbox was closed, the up loop removed and a new 3rd platform serving the Weymouth branch trains was built. The pity was that the old downside building was demolished and replaced with a bus shelter type structure, the one you see today. Its hard to argue with the logic, but still a pity. I visited the station a lot during that period and I have scanned a few pictures for your interest.

21 July 1984 sees the old headshunt removed and teh trackbed being prepared for the new Weymouth platform.

A week later and the track has been laid. 28 July.

27 January 1985 sees a crane about to lift put the old down main starter bracket. It was a dreary day!

Looking the other way on the same day, the up starter bracket has lost its arms and the up loop has been removed.

My notes say this was also 27 Jan, bu tit can't be as there is now snow on the ground....Anyway, a class 47 stands on the down main and has track panels from the old up loop loaded on to wagons. What a cold and wet day for such work. I expect the diesel driver was tucked up warm!

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