Monday, 5 February 2018

Shunting by tractor

Looking through some old pictures a few days ago, I came across these of the West Somerset Steam Railway Trust's heritage coaches being manoeuvred around Williton yard. The late David Holmes was in charge that day and had arranged for a JCB to do the heavy work.
Its 10th May 2010. Seems quite recent until you remember that its almost 8 years ago. I had stolen a day off of job being the heavy one of pressing the shutter button.
Here the JCB is pulling a toplight across the concrete of the yard.  Later, David arranged for some rails to be laid on their sides and the coaches were slid onto those.

Whats for lunch? Although looking as if the JCB is about to gobble up the coach, it is infact pushing it up onto the rails (you can see if you look closely). Well, the coaches are still there. 6705 is getting nearer to completion, but I am sorry that the remainder are sat in the open or under tarps, slowly moldering away. Repairing coaches is a very expensive and time consuming job, now we need the people to come forward to help make these happen!

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