Friday, 19 January 2018

Board meeting

The WSR board meets monthly and our next session is today - 19 January. As we are all rail enthusiasts and volunteers, these are normally very convivial affairs, but of course sometimes we have some very weighty and difficult matters to discuss and make decisions on. This month we have the chance to welcome Paul Whitehouse and Chris Austin, respectively chairmen of the WSRA and WSSRT to share a part of our meeting. It is no secret that the WSR Board has been through a period of recent change. I am the third chairman since June last year and quite rightly Chris and Paul and keen to know what our plans are to move things forward. I am very heartened by their presence. I 100% buy into the one-railway ideal: whilst we have separate organisations there should be seamless junctions between us and we must all work together to make sure the railway continues to thrive. As soon as we can after the weekend, we will publish another 'board newsletter' to summarise our discussions. Not sure exactly when that will be yet as I am tied up with family things over the weekend, but I aim to get it out early next week. In the meantime, the board are keen to hear your views and I will put contact details on the newsletter. regards.

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