Friday, 12 January 2018

Shopping in Morrisons

Shopping can be boring.....Morrisons in Minehead is well stocked and the staff are very friendly and helpful, but you cannot get away from the fact that grocery shopping is boring. For various reasons that I won't tire you with, I am often in this store despite living in Taunton.  Although you don't see it on the way in because they are behind your head, on the way out - that time when you need the greatest positive lift, if you look up you will see two large images related to the railway.

This one is a copy of a picture in the General Manager's collection and shows Minehead station in the early 1920s. The mix of rolling stock and the general air of the station are very atmospheric.
This second image is on the right as you leave the store. It is a poster from the 1950s showing the beach at Minehead on a sunny day - exactly the opposite weather that I experienced when I emerged from the shop earlier this week! At least for a moment I thought that one day the weather might improve!

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