Thursday, 18 January 2018

Spending spare time hours

You might think that as chairman I am fully occupied! But no, I still find time to do other stuff as well. I cannot now remember when I first became fascinated by narrow gauge railways, it was a long time ago! The Lynton and Barnstaple being my utmost favourite narrow gauge line. years ago I used to build 009 models, but I was never satisfied by the running quality. Little light things too often stalled or fell off the track.  So now I have 'progressed' on to larger scale garden railways. Its SM32 for those in the know - that is 1:19 scale stock running on 32mm gauge track. I am lucky that my garden is able to accommodate this, but if you read anything about garden railways you will see that they can fit into the smallest spaces. Indeed, once of the most convincing local lines is based in Bishops Lydeard and is in a very small space yet gives a real feeling of a real railway. No doubt I will be talking about my own line much more in the future! For now here are some pictures of what I am up to!

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