Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Next WSR Journal

For my sins, I am also currently the editor of the WSR Journal. How did that happen?? As I mentioned in a previous blog, I do enjoy making things and creative activities, whether it's model railways, model boats (yes, I have built a few), house building work or publishing written work. I love just sitting at the computer, firing up the desktop publishing software (my tool of choice is CorelDraw) and just, well, pottering. To make that pottering meaningful, I have helped published various booklets and leaflets. More recently, when Richard Jones took over the WSR Journal, I offered to do the typesetting (thats an old fashioned term now!!) and layout. I like nothing more that tinkering around, moving pages, altering the pictures etc so that the content fits exactly within the set 80 pages we have. Richard moved on and so at the moment I am now working with a small team to gather the content and put it together. So whats coming in the next edition? Well, Claire Sheppy has offered to write a series of articles on the WSSRT heritage coaches and so we have the next instalment of that. And Ian Tabrett has written a fascinating article on the recently discovered Minehead station lost property book. Here is a sample of some of the entries:
I won't spoil the surprises in the article, but I am sure you will enjoy it. Copy date was Saturday, so if you were going to make a submission then you're late - but we can still accommodate you! Just let me know.

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