Sunday, 21 January 2018

More garden railways

There is a term 'cheque book modelling' which means that you simply buy ready made models off the shelf, plonk them on the track and your away. This has never really satisfied me...not only because I don't like spending my money, but also because I enjoy making things. A while ago I was captivated by a picture of a Gebus narrow gauge diesel that used to run on the Austrian Zillertalbahn Railway.
It looks like a typical workhorse diesel and I immediately knew I needed to build one. Luckily I managed to get hold of a drawing from a German model railway magazine and with the aid of my school-boy German and Google translate managed to work out most of the details. Armed only with my enthusiasm, I bought wheels, motors, sheet brass etc and began to hack away and solder things together. So far I have a pair of bogies, now wired up and working:

Ken Davidge has very kindly 3d printed axleboxes for me and these are next to go on. It will be radio controlled so then it sorting out the control gear. Sheets of brass then await for the body!

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